Kiddies Rides


The Zwartkops Quad Centre was started because of the ever growing quad bike craze in South Africa.


Quads are purchased for kids without serious consideration as to where the kids can ride safely once they are tired of riding around the house. Consequently, kids venture out on the street sidewalk which is not only illegal but also very dangerous.


At Zwartkops Quad Centre, children ages 4- 15 can experience the sensation of riding a quad bike on their own. This creates a good opportunity for parents to first bring the children to the quad centre to see if they can master the basic skills of quad riding.


Children are given basic instruction on controls, handling and basic riding safety. It is important that parents establish the child’s ability to handle a quad first, before considering the purchase of a quad for the child.


It is a safe environment especially developed for kids to try out a quad without the risk of getting hurt by unwanted obstacles and vehicles. The track was designed to keep the speed down and to be rider friendly. The track is lined with tires to “catch” a rider going out of the track.


Riding at the Zwartkops track is a social event for the children and they enjoy it very much, because they are riding together with other children and not alone. This may also prove to be more cost effective than buying quads for them. We provide different sizes of quads and as soon as they outgrow one size they can ride a larger quad without any additional cost.


A lap = 400m. Cost includes basic training and helmets.
We also cater for older kids and adults on our larger CC quads


There are trampolines, jumping castles, Jungle Gym, a basketball hoop, swingball and a Sand Pit (all under the shade) for free use. There is a tuck-shop for refreshments and stuff to nibble on. Cold drinks & bottled water, chips & snacks, sweets & chocolates, hot dogs etc.